More crochet, cat edition

Some time back (2019, according to my blog) I did some crochet. Some time afterwards, I received a crochet kit, for a little chubby cat. Somehow, I never found the right combination of time and effort to work on it.

Until now.

The kit was a very funny one - I'm totally unsure what they think the target market is. It provides everything you need - including crochet hook and needle, so at that level it's signalling it's for someone with no crochet kit, presumably someone who's never done crochet before. At the same time, this is really not a kit for an absolute beginner. The instructions are pretty bare, the yarn provided is high-quality, fine wool, that you're supposed to use two strands of at a time, which is a mild pain. The design requires you to change colour (read "faff") twice a round. In other words, it's trickier than the projects I've worked on before.

I got there in the end. The tail is way more raggedy than I'd like, but after the amount of undoing-and-redoing I'd done by that point, I thought I'd let it stand.

At this point, it looked something like this:

The fun thing about this kit, though, was because it's made of nice wool, is that it recommends that you can wash the result at 40 degrees to make it go all fluffy. So that's what I did, and this is the result:

My family seem rather happy with the result. I can see a few more crochet projects on the horizon.

Posted 2024-02-26.