Stephen's Sausage Roll

I'd heard good things about Stephen's Sausage Roll and on Black Friday it was ridiculously discounted. So I bought it. And it ate my time.

As people have said, it's a puzzle tricky game. I never got stuck for too long, but there were certainly puzzles where I had to quit the game, go away and think for a while. So, I guess that counts as a nice balances.

It weirdly feels like a linear interpolation of The Witness and Sokoban. It's got that pushing-stuff element of Sokoban, but the explore-the-world-working-out-how-puzzles-work-for-yourself-and-then-uncovering-the-story-of-the-land aspect of The Witness.

Making it a game about sausages just makes it weird, even as the story gets darker, and I think this ties up with the lo-fi aesthetics. I found the visuals just offensively bad - they hurt my eyes while playing the game. It's certainly A Look. I kind of wonder what it would look like, even if just the textures were upgraded.

However, it's clearly about the puzzles, and I think the visuals cement that message. Moving from land to land and working out the different ways the sausage and fork work, discovering ideas (or, more realistically, being subtly taught them by the game) and using them is fantastic. Even if it sounds ludicrous.

Posted 2018-12-15.