Reinventing tomography

Having had a bunch of CT and MRI scans made me think of something I'd been thinking about, on-and-off, for years: How does tomography actually work? You scan an object by seeing how much it absorbs from a bunch of angles, and somehow use that to reconstruct the original object's structure - how does this magic work?

The obvious way to find out would be to read up on the subject. I decided to do something a little different, and try to reinvent it without reading up the existing theory. So, that's what I did - with the results up at

Reinventing areas of maths is... interesting. As well as working out how it all works in theory, making it work practically is full of fiddly tweaking - I'm very much an amateur at numerical coding - but it was a fun project. If you want to know more, go follow that link!

Posted 2021-10-23.