101 Things I Learned in Architecture School - Matthew Frederick

I got this cute little book during an amble around a bookshop today with Caroline. While it's sold as a kind of cheat-sheet for architecture students, I think it's of much wider interest. It's a light and fluffy book, a quick read with each point delivering a simple idea, ranging from 'how to draw a line' through various architectural rules of thumb to things like how to arrange fire exits!

While some of the points are only of the most incidental interest to non-architects, most of them provide insights into the archectectural thought process, and as such this book feels like something on which to build an informed appreciation of the subject. I can't really judge accuracy of the contents very well, as I know so little about the theory, but having read it, I feel I've incrementally decreased my lack of knowledge, and substantially increased my enjoyment of the subject.

Posted 2008-06-16.