What's that Bird? - Rob Hume

A pocket-sized Dorling Kindersley book in association with the RSPB, it's subtitled "The simplest ID guide ever", which gives you an idea of the level we're talking about. Lots of nice, colourful pictures.

Whyyyyy? Birds are these things I've never understood. I see birds fly around, but they're just birds, like trees are trees, and rocks are rocks. Caroline knows all about birds, and would occasionally say "That's an X", and I'd nod and know nothing. I thought I'd change that, and learn a little, and this is my starting point.

For that purpose, as a really basic introduction, it's great. It still leaves me wanting to know more, and it's not a huge amount more than nice, big, bright pictures (unlike the actual birds which are small and far away and generally difficult to identify - bah!), but that's still a great introduction. Did I mention the book was on special offer and really cheap?

Also, it's a convenient size. I carry it in my work bag, just in case I see something unusual on my commute (for me, almost anything is unusual, and seeing a jay was really cool).

So, I like it.

Posted 2017-11-25.