The Bloke's Guide to Pregnancy - Jon Smith

Wedding present. I think that says it all. :p

This is not the world's most challenging book. Humanist font for the body text, simple sentence structure, and occasional grammatical lapses - the target audience is somewhat below a 'for Dummies' book, although above a government pamphlet. It does seem to be designed for blokes of the 'I like football and beer' school. I have a suspicion that if you want good quality information on the subject, you'll need to go for one of the more, uh, female books.

Having said that, this book has its use. It's a short and simple introduction, and it's nice to have bits that say 'Your partner will now be totally and utterly mad, you'll get the blame and there's nothing you can do about it.' rather than 'You may become slightly emotional and find the father unsupportive at times.' It's generally fluffy and easy-going and makes good introductory reading. Its cheesy, blokey style is somewhat redeemed by a straightforward and supportive section on what can go wrong. I found the author's handling of these difficult topics commendable.

Posted 2008-07-06.