Out of the Frying Pan - Keith Floyd

Keith Floyd's autobiography is actually quite interesting reading. I borrowed this book from my father, and I've been trying to read it so that I can return it before leaving post-Christmas. Anyway, this Floyd bloke really has done an awful lot with his life. He seemed to have got through about half a dozen careers by his mid-thirties. You get to read about the ups and downs of his life, and it appears that even when he was doing very well with the TV series, he was still screwing things up financially. He comes across as having absolutely no head for money management, and repeatedly coming off the worse after what should have been quite good times. He also, quite happily, pulls no punches over the people who screwed him over, so you get a great insight into the people he has had to deal with. The combination of an interesting life and a lack of whitewash makes the whole thing fairly fascinating.

Posted 2005-12-29.