Retro-review: Headcrash - Bruce Bethke

During my "read all the cyberpunk" phase, I read this "cyberpunk parody". It's really not very good. It's not The Wiz Biz level bad writing, but it's also not as fun as that.

For some reason, my vague (20 year old) memories of it make me think of that episode of Murder, She Wrote with virtual reality in it, or maybe Michael Crichton's poor Disclosure. A vision of virtual worlds as clunky as those '90s Virtuality headsets. Unlike those productions, this book comes with the smutty humour of a 14-year-old. Some might call it parody, I call it tedious.

Maybe a book for a cyberpunk completionist, I should have chucked it years ago.

Posted 2022-09-07.