Time Out Guide - Hong Kong

I suppose this is my way of saying I've been to Hong Kong for a week on business! This was my first time in Asia, and I found the city utterly amazing. The sheer number of skyscrapers is insane, and at night they're lit up wonderfully colourfully. In the city centre, it feels that practically everything's new, and the views are stunning. Great fun.

Since this was my first time in Asia, I thought I'd get myself a guidebook to calm my nerves a little. The introductory setion was great for giving me background to the ex-colony and its culture, and I found the maps pretty useful, even if I didn't stray too far from the financial centre. As for the rest, I didn't get to use it a whole lot, sadly. I went to one of its recommended restaurants (which was fantastic), but otherwise I didn't really have enough time to go see the stuff it recommends. The guide seems up to the quality of the rest of the series, and I can't wait for another opportunity to use it, hopefully in the company of Caroline this time.

Posted 2009-06-07.