Macroeconomics, 4th ed. - Olivier Blanchard (part 2)

Carrying on from part 1, I managed to swap back in the knowledge from part 1, and then proceed to cover the sections on "Expectations", "The Open Economy", and "Pathologies". Re-reading my review of Part 1, my opinion hasn't changed. Compared with Samuelson, it's confident, quantiative, and backed up with stats.

While the book has a lot of confidence in its models, the latter part of the book, dealing with policy, discusses the uncertainties involved. In a very confident way. But hey, I guess at least it doesn't pretend that economics is a solved subject (the final chapter discusses major areas of current research).

I think a particular point of strength is that while it was written before the Credit Crunch, its discussion of what happens in big recessions is nicely prescient. The handling of liquidity traps and inflation match up well with what happened, and some of the discussion of Fed Chairman behaviour seems to line up with Yellen.

I'm still no economics expert, so I can't judge the content particularly well, but it's logical and plausible, and makes a good case through the case studies. Apart from the price and printing errors, recommended.

Posted 2014-03-30.