Give Me Time - The Mind Gym

Having reasonably enjoyed 'Wake Your Mind Up', I had fairly high hopes for this book, which promises similar things, but in the area of time management. In many way, though, it felt like a bit of a rehash of the previous book, with not much fresh being brought in. The focus was explicitly on time, and the details are different, but the overall feeling was just... lacking anything novel.

The book's divided into lots of little chapters covering mini-topics, but basically the book splits into 'mental attitudes about feeling good about your time use, and hey! why not think about what you're spending your time on, from time to time?' and 'tips for making better use of your time'. The first section seemed, to me, pretty condescending (I want practical hints that help me get more done, please, not fluff!), and the second... pretty shallow. It's not bad, as such, just impressively un-earth-shattering. It's pretty much 'be organised, don't let people waste your time, don't over-commit, keep meetings focused... and learn to speedread!'. Er, cheers.

Posted 2009-07-28.