Old Man's War - John Scalzi

I borrowed this from a friend after hearing generally positive reviews. It's a not-bad first book. The main thing is: it's a Heinlein homage. Starship Troopers and all that. I've never actually read any Heinlein, but I've heard enough to see how this can fit. So, it's a brain-free space romp. Normally you expect a main character to be reasonably interesting, and have interesting things happen to him. In this case, he's the perfection of mankind, and also the luckiest man alive. Still, keep your brain disengaged, and you'll be fine. It helpfully hammers home a few ranting set pieces in a fashion that makes me think that the author, while acknowledging Heinlein's legacy (yadda yadda), is very happy to take the mickey too. All quite fun.

Posted 2006-08-07.