Retro-review: The Revolution Business - Charlie Stross

So, I'm collecting a few less-wanted books to take to charity shops (hint) and found that I never put the effort into reviewing this book (also hint). My recollection from reading this book, sometime between 2008 and 2012, is that I'm running on inertia at this point, five books into a sequence that's becoming increasingly tortuous and that I'm decreasingly caring about. Reading my review for The Trade of Queens may be relevant.

As my life's flipped upside down over the last couple of years, I'm not finding much time for general reading, let alone chewing gum sci-fi/fantasy, but I think it says something that I've just not bothered with the sequel series (starting with Empire Games) or indeed further Laundry Files. I don't quite know why. Is it because I don't like series to be too churn-it-out? Or maybe because I prefer my series to be set in more of a static universe, and don't enjoy starting a series in an interesting setting only to go on and destroy it?

My thoughts currently edge towards the latter. Ra also frustrated me by constantly changing the goalposts and undermining everything that had already happened. Doing so over a long series just makes it worse. And maybe I just like happy endings.

Posted 2022-08-23.