Stop Stealing Sheep - Erik Spiekermann and E. M. Ginger

I've had this book for ages, since I used to rather like graphic design and typography (not that I ever knew much about it). Now that we're planning our wedding invites (argh!), we've been looking at the font options, and I remembered this book. It's not particularly content-heavy, so I did a quick reread. Disturbingly, it seems to me to contain more stuff than it did before. Perhaps my font knowledge has rather diminished. Ho hum.

So, this book is a rather light introduction to typography. It's the kind of thing to try to get you interested in typography, but, well, not particularly knowledgable. So, I'm now looking for more detailed typography books. Anyway, this is a rather fluffy book, with lots and lots of pictures, all the useful information in sidebars, and otherwise a fairly simplistic main text. This is not to say that it's not full of practical advice. It's actually quite good at pointing you at various fonts for various purposes. Or at least fonts from the Adobe. It's just perhaps not so good at giving you a good understanding of the real workings.

Posted 2007-12-22.