Solitaire - Kelley Eskridge

I think this book was recommended from the same route as Lady of Mazes. That book was a pleasant surprise. This one was a disappointment.

The core story is about a priveleged young lady who through a bad mistake gets sentenced to effectively a big long VR solitary confinement prison sentence, comes out, and tries to put her life back together.

I didn't care about the character. They were effectively a teenage management consultant in an international soulless corporation. They manage to kill several hundred people basically through complacency and thoughtlessness, but all efforts to instill sympathy... didn't really work.

The character goes through their solitary confinement, comes out, tries to put their life back together. They remain fairly thoughtless and selfish. It all turns out reasonably. I go "Meh".

Posted 2016-06-11.