Texas Hold 'em Poker - Paul Mendelson

I'm trying to acquire a minor poker habit, in the hope that it'll teach my new skills. While doing so, I noticed that our local Oxfam seemed to have someone's ex-poker-book-collection, so I bought the majority of it. This book is part of that haul.

It's a beginner's book. I've already got a beginner's book, and quite a good one at that, so it wasn't an immediately obvious buy. Indeed, the author is a bridge expert, so it feels rather like a bandwagon book. It's good, though. Why?

Mostly, because it's short (120 pages) and simple. Much of the advice is of the form 'experts don't do this but you should, as you're a beginner', and very straightforward. It can be read quickly, and it's not overwhelming. You can get on with things in very short order.

Not a stunning book, but solid, if you can get it at charity shop prices.

Posted 2010-11-25.