Toast - Nigel Slater

I love Nigel Slater's cookery, which could either be described as 'blokey food' or 'minimal effort, maximal taste', depending on your point of view. So, Caroline got me his autobiography. This seemed obvious to her, which partly explains why I'll never understand women. Anyway, it's rather good, in a oh-gosh-what-a-depressing-life-in-the-dim-and-distant-past kind of way. It shows the great changes in 'sophistication' and fashion of food over time, revealing the true horror of past food, and making you realise how things are still faddy. As for Nigel's life, which may or may not be exaggerated, suffice to say there are quite a lot of weird people out there, and he comes across as relatively normal given his life. Poor bloke. But there you go.

Posted 2007-09-01.