21 Dirty Tricks at Work - Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey

This was a birthday present from Dan and Katie Azzopardi. Dan is a work colleague. Er, cheers.

Actually, it's not as weird as it seems, as it was on my Amazon wish list. The book is also not as cynical as it sounds, as it's actually about countering nasty tricks at work.

The book is rather like a book on patterns. For each dirty trick it discusses the structure of the trick, when it tends to get played, how it impacts the organisation, and how to try to counter it. Rinse, wash, repeat. As with most pattern books, the patterns/tricks aren't a surprise, but it's nice to have a name to attach to it and some new insights. As with most pattern books, the repetitive style can get a little bit boring, but the book effectively counters that with an ongoing case study/story.

When it moves to the subject of how to deal with the tricks, it's back into the realms of normal management books. Deal with people assertively, openly and confidently, construct win/win situations, and don't get tricky yourself. Boring! Probably for the best, though.

Posted 2012-05-10.