Anselm Keifer at the Royal Acdemy

I recently saw the Anselm Keifer exhibition at the RA. I've been interested in his work for some time now, and the exhibition is about to close, but I made it, just. I am so glad, since it's awesome. I don't think pictures of his work can do them justice. They're so textured, so large, so layered in symbolism that miniature reproductions make them look trite. The full thing blew me away. There was a lot of awesome stuff, but my favourite was the (very recent) set of paintings of Morgenthau Plan, which is rather more colourful than his usual work, but just stunning. I don't think it would work in any other way than around the walls of a very large room, so I am incredibly happy to have had the chance to see it.

Posted 2014-12-09.