An insight into the mind of a small child, or communications problems

I've been clearing out stuff from my parents', as previously described, and came across a picture I painted when rather small:

I was always rather proud of myself for this painting, but apparently the non-standard colour scheme concerned my parents a little. Why is everything strange colours, when other children were using the colours rather more conventionally? Of course, they never said anything at the time. Neither, of course, did I.

I was just painting so that each colour was used for the same number of edges. In fact, I remember being annoyed as I had the counts matching perfectly, but the teacher told me I needed to paint some more things, and the addition (the swings, I think), made it very difficult to get the counts matching - I couldn't make the extra number of lines required into a multiple of four!

On second thoughts, given what I was trying to do, perhaps my parents were right to worry...

Posted 2015-04-13.