Return of the Mac

Hurrah! My Macbook Air is finally fixed! And it only took a month... The hard drive died when we went on holiday to Cheltenham (apparently it's still a bad idea to travel with them in suspend mode - I thought things like that were pretty ok, now?). Fortunately, the failure mode was that it eventually succeeded when doing most reads, so I managed to back up most of the stuff I wanted after the event.

Things I have learnt include:

  • Back-ups are useful.
  • When making disk images, large archives, etc., avoid FAT32, as files only go up to 4G. Useful.

  • Apple's disk imaging software is a big girl's blouse in the face of read errors. Log the error, skip the sector and carry on? Ha! Give up immediately? Of course!
  • Caroline relies on the internet an awful lot.
  • Using a computer connected via the telly is really a lot less convenient than a laptop.
  • Official Apple repairs are expensive.
  • Even unofficial SSD storage is still eye-watering in price.
  • You can buy pretty much anything off e-bay, but it might take some time to arrive if there's a cloud of ash in the sky.
  • The innards of Macbook Airs are fiddly...
  • But actually straightforward enough to deal with, given instructions off the internet, and a brand-new Philips #00 screwdriver.

Posted 2010-05-08.