Congratulations to Matt Kelly and Cat White! (and other random bits)

On Saturday, I attended Matt and Cat's engagement party in the relatively spiffy surroundings of New College, Oxford. It's not bad, as far as the Other Place goes. Matt was a housemate in St. John's Road when we were grad students, and Cat was his girlfriend then. So, it's great news and a good excuse for a catch-up. I'm very much looking forward to the wedding in September.

Matt berated me for not putting more random rubbish on my website, so presumably I'm supposed to mention things like last week Caroline bought me a deep-fat fryer for my birthday, and today the kitchen cupboards fall down (well, only partially - we took them down before they totally collapsed).

I'm probably also supposed to mention pet peeves, like the chunky protective cases people have for ipod nanos, and other similar goods. Why do these thing exist? These electronic goods are designed to be small, and will be worthless in a couple of years anyway. So, you're adding totally unnecesary and pointless bulk. Nice.

Posted 2006-04-24.