Fixing BoingBoing

I used to enjoy reading Boingboing back when it was a 'directory of wonderful things'. Nowadays there's more random pointless opinion pieces, mixed in with the cool things collected off the web. At worst, it's a left-wing new media Daily Mail. It's rather a shame, as they've also collected a couple of interesting new regular columnists.

One of the most tedious garbage-spewers is Douglas Rushkoff, who had an incredibly annoying guest column a while ago. He's back. So, I thought I'd finally work out how to do this GreaseMonkey-style filtering business. I finally managed to hide all articles mentioning him. I then tacked on a few extras. Between AdBlock and this script, and I now have something to remove all the most obvious rubbish from the site.

How's that for the Maker spirit?

Posted 2010-10-01.