On the Naming of Climbing Shoes

In an attempt to improve my health, I'm trying to get a bit more exercise. Specifically, I'm trying to take up climbing (we'll see if I keep it up). Since rental shoes are, er, pretty grim, I bought myself some climbing shoes. I got them from Rock On at Craggy Island, the climbing centre in Guildford. I recommend both the centre and the shop to beginners. I can't tell if the guy in the shop was actually knowledgable, as I'm a novice, but he did a very good impression and was very helpful!

But what shoes did I get? I got a pair of 'Ballet "Gold"'. Yes. The quotes are in the name. I checked, and they are men's shoes. I love the combination of macho-ness and class that comes from combining the word 'ballet' with a precious metal in quotes. Presumably they feared that if they didn't use the quotes someone would sue them for the lack of valuable metals. Taking this line of reason, I assume it must actually be possible to do ballet in these shoes, although it does seem unlikely.

In short, I suspect the marketing department involved do not speak English.

Posted 2008-07-20.