We had a skiing holiday

Not particularly exciting for anyone who wasn't present, but I enjoyed this sufficiently to talk to anyone who'll listen to me about it. Caroline and I went on holiday to Courchevel with a couple of friends. Caroline doesn't ski, and so hung around and absorbed the ambience. I went on the slopes and just massively enjoyed it. We were last in the area a couple of years ago (La Tania last time, 1850 this year), and at the time I did one red run and was petrified. This time we spent most of our time on the reds, and it really opened the place up and was just so much fun that I have a giant grin on my face writing about this, just thinking about it.

Outside of the skiing, our gap-yearing chalet host was fantastic, and our friends' toddler upped the cute factor (so glad I didn't have to play any role of responsibility, though ;). A wonderful break. But gosh, Courchevel's expensive!

Posted 2009-03-14.