The Internet is Street Art

I found this note in a file simply saying "The Internet is Street Art". I vaguely remember it from a couple of years ago when I went to Covent Garden, and saw some street performance.

My understanding of street performance, gleaned from limited experience of places like Covent Garden and the Edinburgh Fringe, is that you get in the way of people and show off. Well, it's more than that, it's moderate talent, the ability to manipulate a crowd to create a "people join the crowd to see what the crowd's for" effect, and a willingness to get in the way of those not (yet) interested. The cost of entry as a spectator is nothing, except your attention, and you're probably underestimating the value of that.

And in so many ways, this is the web. It's basically about going viral and getting a crowd. Quality is not the ultimate concern, and the only price is free. And fundamentally, the idea is to get in the way of passers-by.

I don't really like street performance. *sigh*

Posted 2015-05-21.