A painted cube

A friend said I should paint the 3D-printed Weighted Companion Cube, so I did. I had the paints left over from a model kit from my childhood (see previous post), but I'd never really used them before, especially on something small. For some inexplicable reason I hadn't spent my early adolescence painting tiny model orcs, so the painting was something of a lesson for me. I learnt:

  • Twenty-year-old model paints work fine.
  • A loupe is really useful.
  • I would have been better off giving it a comprehensive base-coat of white at the start. The grey shows through pretty easily, made worse by the bumpy surface (see below).
  • Working at a tiny scale is very fiddly, but with a super-pointy brush previous experience playing at watch-making came in useful.
  • It's really fiddly.
  • At this scale, the printing ridges are large. It really does want to be smoothed down (acetone trick?) before being painted.
  • It takes far too long to do.

Without further ado, the fruits of this labour are below. To be honest, I reckon it looks a bit better in real life. :)

Posted 2015-07-19.