Online Ace - Scott Fischman

Another poker book, and a very strange one at that. The author is not a poker academic. He's a rather well-known poker pro, but of the internet generation. Whereas the old pros took years to develop their skills in person, Scott was able to pick it up by super-intense online play, playing many games simultaneously. He admits he's never read a poker book, picking it all up by experience, often playing rather odd moves. So... why write a book?

I have no idea. However, it's a rather interesting read. Rather than focusing on how to play the game itself, it targets the surrounding environment - how to learn (play lots and understand yourself), how to choose a site to play on, how to play in tournaments, how to play multiple games simultaneously and all that kind of thing. So, it's complementary to most other books. It's also rather inspiring, seeing what someone can do based off a whole pile of hard work.

If I'd paid full-whack for this I think I'd be rather disappointed. However, since I only paid a charity shop price and got it as part of a larger bundle, I think it's worked out well as a wild card.

Posted 2010-12-14.